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added reboot on kernel panic; fixed #4

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# Build
For adjusting the default ubuntu cloud images only a few build dependencies are necessary like `curl` and the `qemu-img` command.
Therefore run something like:
apt-get install --no-install-recommends --no-install-suggests --yes curl qemu-utils
With the build dependencies installed simply run the `` script to download and modify the cloud-init image.
# Modifications
The adjusted cloud-init image differs from the default cloud-init image in these points:
* Switched remote mirror to teco registry (apt proxy)
* Installs `qemu-guest-agent` and enables its service
* Installs `acpid` and enables its service
* Sets the `localtime` to `Europe/Berlin`
* Adds the teco `/etc/docker/daemon.json` to avoid network clashes
# Reboots the system 30 seconds after kernel panic
kernel.panic = 30
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