Verified Commit 41494065 authored by Frederik Enste's avatar Frederik Enste
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adjusted Jenkinsfile

parent da6f6068
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......@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@ pipeline {
rm --recursive --force "${TEMP_DIR}"
mkdir "${TEMP_DIR}"
dpkg --extract "../${packageName}_${packageVersion}_all.deb" "${TEMP_DIR}"
rm "${TEMP_DIR}/usr/share/doc/teco-pve-autoremove-subscription-message/changelog.gz"
rm "${TEMP_DIR}/usr/share/doc/teco-pve-autoremove-subscription-message/copyright"
rm "${TEMP_DIR}/usr/share/doc/teco-pve-ldap-sync/changelog.gz"
rm "${TEMP_DIR}/usr/share/doc/teco-pve-ldap-sync/copyright"
find "${TEMP_DIR}" -type f -exec sha256sum "{}" + > content.sum
rm --recursive --force "${TEMP_DIR}"
cat sources.sum
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